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Islam Rising, Book Two


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This is Volume 2 of a trilogy that scholar and author Jim Murk has prepared. The first volume concentrated on what Islam teaches and its history since it was founded some 1,400 years ago. This volume is a very understandable history of the Middle East, and specifically the land now known as Israel. Particularly fascinating was how the British drew up a land that would be reserved for the Jewish people. The country now known as Jordan was originally set up to be for the Arabs so that there would be no disputes. Yeah, right. The British immediately began to give away land promised to the Jews to the Arabs for various political reasons. Murk shows the history that Islam teaches that all the land belongs to the Muslims. They will not be satisfied until the final Jew is murdered and Israel is no more. Sure is the religion of peace, isn’t it? The book traces the establishment of the Israel nation in 1948 showing how God has supernaturally protected her, even against long odds and being vastly outnumbered in the wars since 1948. We know from the bible that Israel will not be destroyed although the land and people will suffer tremendous losses until Jesus Christ returns as their Messiah.

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