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In the Vineyard of the Lord


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Inside dust jacket: “The poetry of Helen Steiner Rice needs no introduction. Millions have thrilled to read her verses in greeting cards, books and booklets. Mrs. Rice is recognized everywhere as America’s inspirational poet laureate. Yet, until now, little has been known about what inspired her to write and about the circumstances and events that led to her success.

“With the same thoughtfulness and sincerity dedicated to her poems, Helen Steiner Rice shares the stories behind the verses. Photographs, letters, and favorite verses, along with her personal testimony, provide heartfelt glimpses into her life. She reminisces about growing up in Lorain, Ohio. She tells of her early determination to get a job and the success that came from her hard work.

“She shares sad remembrances of her father’s death, of war-time poverty, and of her young husband’s tragic death. She conveys the joy found from writing verse and from receiving nationwide appreciation. And she expresses her faith in the God who has blessed her with the gift of writing, and enabled her to use her verses to encourage and inspire others.

“Helen Steiner Rice sees herself as “just another worker in the vineyard of the Lord.” But the testimony she shares provides an enthralling look at a remarkable woman — one who is an unparalleled vehicle of expressing God’s loving message. The story of her life is an inspiring example of the power of God in lives placed completely within His mighty hands.”

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Helen Steiner Rice