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For All Time: The Story of Ann Judson


The Story of Ann Judson

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The air around her was getting cooler:  A draft caused her to shiver:  “Why is the wind blowing in here?” she wondered.

Looking up, she saw that the fountain was frozen.  The room had disappeared.  Light surrounded her:  Snowflakes were swirling all around.  The wind became stronger:  it sounded like a baby crying.  The sound was louder now.  It wasn’t the wind.  A baby was crying.

And that’s when Hassie’s adventures begin.  Transported through time, Hassie Brown watched the life of Ann Judson, missionary to Burma.  She experiences firsthand Ann’s school days with best friend Harriet, married life with Adoniram, and the struggles of living in Burma.

Author Alice Buhl Bates is the minister with children and youth at Lowe’s Grove Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina.  She weaves the biography of Ann Judson into a charming story that will capture the attention of children and adults alike.  For All Time:  The Story of Ann Judson is a book that will teach children about this heroic pioneer missionary through the eyes of another child.

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Alice Buhl Bates


Tanna Griggs



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New Hope Publishers