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Ezekiel’s Shadow


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Some Things He Wishes He’d Never Written and Now He Can’t Escape Them

For the first time in memory, bestselling author Ian Merchant can’t find even a single word to write. Recently rocked by a powerful spiritual encounter, he is torn by turmoil within and without. Everyone around him, including his wife, Rebecca, agrees that he’s changed, but has he indeed become a “new creature”? How is he to build a life of faith when the sins of his past line the bookshelves of America?

As Ian struggles with his faith and his craft, frightening events begin to occur. Someone is shadowing his daily life—an ominous figure who seems to have emerged from the pages of one of Ian’s own novels. As the danger mounts, Ian must stand for what he knows in his heart is true and confront the haunting remnant of a life he thought he’d buried.

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Bethany House Publishers


David Ryan Long