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Evidence for Joy


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From the back cover:

This book is for those who genuinely desire to live life at its fullest and to appropriate the supplying possibilities of faith in Christ. Even with a virtual army of professionals and hundreds of volumes of Christian books carefully analyzing our emotional health, many of us still wrestle with deep, unresolved hurts, often still feeling overpowering needs to be loved, accepted, and secure. Why? Here in Evidence for Joy is Josh McDowell’s answer: “Most of us simply don’t know how to effectively apply what we believe to how we live!” Going beyond his best-selling Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh, with Dale Bellis, now presents a courageously articulated plan for bridging the application gap between intellectual belief and heartfelt conviction. Here is a book that comes to grips with this age’s epidemic of emotional fallout. Evidence for Joy is illustrated with case studies of real people caught in conflict, lively anecdotes from the author’s own experiences, and pertinent scripture references.

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Dale Bellis, Josh McDowell