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The earth beneath our feet usually feels solid and firm. Yet a million times each year- an average of once every thirty seconds- somewhere around the world the ground sways and shakes. We call this an earthquake. Most earthquakes are barely noticeable, but hundreds every year are strong enough to change the face of the land.

In a clear, concise text and unforgettable full-color photographs, award-winning author Seymour Simon examines what causes earthquakes and how scientists measure both their sizes and their effects. Other subjects explored are the hazards of aftershocks, the huge, quake-formed sea waves called tsunamis, and the miniature mud volcanoes called “sand boils.”

Simon also explains why almost half of the quakes in the United States occur in southern California and tells young readers what they can do to protect themselves during a potentially deadly quake. As in his other highly acclaimed books- Volcanoes, Storms, and Icebergs and Glaciers- Seymour Simon introduces young readers to one of the most dramatic wonders on earth.

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