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Dunkirk Crescendo


The Zion Covenant series, book 9

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AS SPRING 1940 UNFOLDS IN PARIS, war is inevitable. AP journalist Josephine Marlow is asked to undertake a dangerous journey back into the borders of the Reich–just when the Führer is gathering his forces for another invasion. If she is successful, a child will live. If not, he will die. And many other children, too.

French colonel Andre Chardon knows that the undefeated Führer will not hold back his Blitzkrieg long from France. But the plan of attack revealed in a coded message is so audacious that no one believes Andre. Whom can he convince? Who will have the courage to act before thousands of innocents are slaughtered?

And is a miracle at Dunkirk Harbor possible?

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The Zion Covenant


Bodie & Brock Thoene