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Come Spring


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Dylan Cooper has begun a new life in Boston, where the winters are as unforgiving as in the windswept Scottish Highlands he left behind. In that bustling city, Dylan hopes to achieve recognition for his photography, but convincing others that his images are works of art in their own right is proving impossible. Stark, simple, and filled with the wondrous beauty and spirituality of everyday life, Dylan’s photographs are his calling and his only love – until he meets Grace MacVicar, a young Scottish woman working at a distinguished Boston gallery. In Grace, Dylan discovers a soul mate and a champion, someone with unshakeable faith in his talent and a sure, steady determination to help him succeed. Grace knows Dylan’s photographs are truly extraordinary, and with her guidance, Dylan finds new inspiration and faith in his abilities. Their friendship deepens as winter wanes, blossoming into a love that neither expected to find in their new homeland. But Dylan’s creative gift may be the very means to tear them apart…unless faith and hope can bring him back to the woman he swore he would love forever…

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Kensington Books


Gregory S. Dinallo, Tim LaHaye