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Circle of Grace


Home to Heather Creek series, book 3

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As crisp autumn air descends on Heather Creek Farm, the kids start to settle into their new home. Christopher is consumed by an exciting new hobby, and Sam is drafted for the high school football team, almost against his will. Meanwhile, Emily is making new friends, reaching out to Rayann, the new girl in town.

But Charlotte has doubts that the girl—and her cute older brother—are a good influence on Emily, and when Emily is invited to Rayann’s lake house, Charlotte must face the tough decisions of parenting all over again. Can she put her foot down without losing her granddaughter’s love? Will Emily listen to her?

As Charlotte struggles with the opportunities and pitfalls of her second chance at parenting, severe storms send a serious threat toward Bedford, and a dramatic rescue reveals the depth of the bonds that tie this family together.

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Home to Heather Creek


Leslie Gould