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Jim Reno western saga, book 4.

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The miners of Virginia City face a mysterious gang of cut-throats called the Innocents, who are bent on terrorizing the people into giving up their claims. No one is safe. The desperate miners need a man to organize them, and Jim Reno is the man. Only as organized vigilantes can Reno and the prospectors bring peace and order to the boomtown — but Reno hates the prospect of using violence even for a “good” cause. Reno may face more than he can handle. The Innocents are determined to stop Reno and the vigilantes. So is Saul Logan, a crooked salon owner. And Logan’s cold-blooded gun-slinger brother, fresh out of prison, is more than willing to put Reno out of commission.

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Tyndale House


Jim Reno Western Saga


Gilbert Morris


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