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Beneath a Dakota Cross


Fortunes of the Black Hills series, book 1

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“Boys, somewhere up there is a place the Lord has for me. I’m goin’ north to find it. Might be Wyoming. Or Montana. Maybe the Black Hills. I’ll know it when I see it.”

With these simple words, Brazos Fortune sets out on his journey. When locals threaten the lives and property of his family, Brazos abandons his Texas homestead for a new ranch he has seen in a dream. It’s a war against corrupt lawmen, wild outlaws, and bitter winter weather. Brazos wrestles with his new found hunger for gold and the burning desire to be reunited with his family. He must test himself against the untamed frontier. Confront the greedy miners who try his Christian convictions. And find the new home God showed him Beneath a Dakota Cross.

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Broadman and Holman


Fortunes of the Black Hills


Stephen Bly