At Close of Day


“If you won’t take me home, then I’ll get my other family to do it” are the words that starts off this well-crafted character study by Joseph Bentz. Each chapter is written by a different member of Hugh Morris’s two families, himself included. His current wife, Vonnie, knew, but kept it a secret. His three daughters knew nothing of the son and daughter he had nor the first marriage that produced them. The son and daughter from the first marriage knew little or nothing about their father. When they all meet, there are sparks, there are tender moments, and we watch the progression to a melding of the two families.

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“I’ll call my other family to come and get me.”

Hugh Morris’s shocking statement from his hospital bed unwittingly hints at the secret he and his wife, Vonnie, have kept concealed for nearly half a century. Now that the carefully woven fabrication is unraveling, Hugh and Vonnie’s grown children struggle with the trauma of rewriting their family’s history and facing the uncertain future that has been thrust upon them.

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Joseph Bentz