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Appomattox Saga


Appomattox Saga, books 1, 2, & 3.

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Enjoy the first three novels from the acclaimed Appomattox Saga by bestselling author Gilbert Morris in a collector’s hardbound anthology.


Book 1: A Covenant of Love

From the first rumblings of unrest and secession in the South, this dramatic saga follows the Rocklin family as they experience the intense emotions and spiritual struggles of the Civil War. As the nation is ripped apart, only to grow stronger, so also are the Rocklins. The family stands by helplessly as cousins Clay and Gideon Rocklin vie for the hand of beautiful Melanie Benton, whose choice starts the rejected suitor on a spiraling descent.


Book 2: Gate of His Enemies

Both Deborah Steele, a Northern woman, and confederate officer Dent Rocklin are determined to do all they can for their sides in the Civil War—which puts their love to the ultimate test.


Book 3: Where Honor Dwells

Vince Franklin, intent on inheriting the family fortune, enlists the aid of Jake Hardin. When Jake falls in love with Vince’s sister, both men face the most important spiritual decision of their lives.


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Publication Date

1992, 1993


Barbour Publishing Inc.


Appomattox Saga


Gilbert Morris