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Angel of the Outback


Land of the Far Horizon series, book 2.

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Haunted by her past, will Rachel’s secret stand in the way of love?

Having fulfilled a seven-year-transportation sentence in the wilds of England’s foundling Australia, Rachel Langley finally obtains her freedom. Weakened from the starvation years, she soon realizes that freedom in a drought-and plague-ridden colony remains a battle for survival. But when her only friend is murdered by an unknown assassin, Rachel must flee for her life.

Rachel finds refuge with a young minister, Revered Whitely, and later finds work at the Prentice’s struggling plantation. But her commitment remains to discover her friend’s assassin. What she doesn’t realize is that she is being drawn into a trap that threatens to end her life and destroy the Prentices.

When a beautiful officer’s daughter, Felicity Thompson, sets her eyes on the Reverend Whitley, the dark secrets that Rachel has kept hidden from him stand in the way of her true feelings. Dare she tell him the truth?

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Bethany House Publishers


Land of the Far Horizon


Patricia Hickman