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All For Jesus


Billy Graham Library Selection, book 28

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The essence of the Christian life is Jesus. Our devotion to Him must be the one all-powering force that propels and sustains us through every minute of every day so that He is always preeminent.

In this collection of thirty compassionate yet uncompromising devotions, Franklin Graham and Ross Rhoads issue a challenge: Make your life count for the gospel. Devote yourself to Jesus Christ in a way that is total, not supplemental; all encompassing, not occasional; as imperative to your existence as breathing. Make yourself a living sacrifice for Him.

All for Jesus will help you develop the qualities of focused, whole-hearted discipleship and will encourage you along the way to realize the extraordinary results that are possible in a life lived solely to glorify the Lord.

No matter how deep your regrets, regardless of the might-have-beens and should-have-dones, you can open this book and begin now to discover the limitless, life-changing consequences of living your life all for Jesus.

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Billy Graham Library Selection


Franklin Graham, Ross Rhoads