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A Woman’s Guide to Personality Types


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The First Personality Book Exclusively For Women

Why can you organize the church retreat at the drop of a hat, but never get your laundry done?

What makes your husband clean the garage and his car every week?

Why doesn’t your toddler play quietly for the entire morning like the neighbor’s child does?

What motivates your son to join all the clubs and teams known to the fourth grade? Or maybe you wonder why he doesn’t do anything more exciting that watch TV?

If you ever ask yourself questions like these, here are the practical tools you need to understand yourself and your family. In her candid, entertaining style, bestselling author Donna Partow helps you identify your God-given personality type as well as those of your family members. Are you Powerful? Perfect? Popular? Peaceful? Armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to bring harmony to your relationships, understand how best to meet your husband’s emotional needs, and be equipped to bring out the best in your children –without making yourself (or your loved ones) crazy.

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