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A Veiled Reflection


Westward Chronicles series, book 3.

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In This Case of Mistaken Identity–Identical Twins Learn That Switching Places Is No Laughing Matter.

At the heart of A Veiled Reflection is Jillian Danvers, who for much of the book is mistaken for her identical twin sister, Judith. The adventurous one, Judith, has talked her soft-spoken sister into taking over her identity at the Harvey House so that she can marry her true love. Jillian agrees but finds that assuming her sister’s life is more difficult than she’d imagined, especially when she has to learn the strict regulations and routines of the Harvey House.

When a local doctor comes around inquiring after Judith’s medical condition, Jillian realizes her secret might be exposed, until Doc “Mac” MacCallister becomes an essential part of a plan to keep her parents from demanding Jillian return home to marry a man she has never loved. In the midst of all the schemes, she is drawn into the plight of the local Navajo tribe and one orphaned child in particular. United with Mac, Jillian strives to bring understanding to a town ruled by prejudice and untouched by compassion.

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Bethany House Publishers


Westward Chronicles


Tracie Peterson