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A Horse Came Running


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Mark returned to consciousness on the floor of the cellar. His parents were in town and he had no way of knowing whether the tornado had spared them as it had spared him. All he knew was that he must find Colonel, the ancient horse who was his friend. He had seen Colonel plunging ahead of the whirling black funnel, trying to outrun it. He must find Colonel, for Colonel would need him. But the old horse was not alone in his need for Mark. There was the strange horse with the cut leg, standing in the creek. And there were the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Sayers. “Everything’s hurt tonight,” said Mr. Sayers, “and what’s least hurt has got to help what’s really hurt.” In the days that followed, Mark had to face up to the real meaning of love and responsibility – and death. “A Horse Came Running” is a warm and abiding affirmation of life, made unforgettable by the genius of Meindert DeJong.

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