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A Christmas Promise


Cape Light series, book 5.

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The holiday season is upon the townspeople of Cape Light, and the village has a special guest. James McDougal, a minister who runs a mission in Central America, has decided to make a trip to Cape Light to work with Reverend Ben and spend some time with its warm-hearted residents.
It’s during the season’s first snowstorm, when James’s car collides with another car, that the first hint of trouble befalls this close-knit community. No one is hurt, but out-of-towner Leigh Baxter is forced to stay until her car is fixed. Trying to escape a troubled past, Leigh figures Cape Light will make a decent hiding place for a few days. What she doesn’t expect, however, is that the charm of this beautiful, seaside hamlet and its citizens will soon win her over-and that she will fall in love with James, the compassionate minister who has so generously welcomed her into his life. A few days quickly turns into a month, and suddenly Leigh finds herself wondering whether James will still accept her in his heart if her dark secrets ever come to light.
In the meantime, Jessica and Sam Morgan find their relationship put to the test. More than anything else this Christmas, they want a baby to call their own. But they soon discover that life’s most precious gifts often come in unexpected packages.

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Cape Light


Katherine Spencer, Thomas Kinkade