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4 Films for fans of Little House on the Prairie


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This set of four family-friendly films includes Prairie Fever, Seven Alone, Legend of The Ruby Silver, and Young Pioneers.


Prairie Fever
While escorting a group of women suffering from “Prairie Fever,” a troubled sheriff (Kevin Sorbo) stumbles upon yet another female. But this one isn’t sick, she’s on the run. Together the pair advocates for the voiceless women while they battle their own demons and the baddies who stand in their way.

Young Pioneers
Newlyweds David and Molly Beaton are off to start their life together as homesteaders. Headed for the Dakota Territory, they proudly stake their claim and get to work. But the Beatons quickly learn that life on the prairie isn’t always easy. With strong wills and support from each other, they won’t give up hope, even when the going gets tough.

Seven Alone
Spring, 1842. America’s unclaimed and unexplored land drew thousands of settlers to the West, including the Sager family. After both parents succumbed in the untamed wilderness, their seven children courageously continued the journey their parents began.

Legend of The Ruby Silver
A mother and son are hired to lend a hand at a mining site. But when the mine doesn’t produce as they expected, and its dangers become more and more real, they might have to decide between their livelihood…and their lives.

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