January 2018: Gloves, Scarves, & Hats

It’s that time again!  New year, new beginnings, and time to start collecting gifts to fill the Christmas shoeboxes.  Savvy shoppers know that they can impact more children around the world for eternity by looking for shoebox items throughout the year.  Each month we will have a suggested item for you to purchase and bring, but any gifts are welcome anytime.  Please bring your gifts to the foyer of the church and there will be a plastic tub labeled “Christmas Shoebox Items” for January.

In November 2017 Central Baptist Church sent 291 shoeboxes!  Let’s make our goal 300 boxes for 2018!  Remember there are age groups (2-4, 5-9, or 10-14) and you may choose items for a boy and/or girl.  In the past, we usually have more gifts for girls, so we may want to look extra hard for more boy gifts this year.  Please also remember everything has to fit inside a shoebox.  Quality is important.  A child will probably only get one box ever and they deserve for it to be a nice box full of good stuff.  You can see their excitement when they are waiting to get their box.  Let’s give them a box FULL of things that will last and not break right away.  Not only are they given a shoebox full of gifts, but most importantly, they are taught about who Jesus is and that He loves them!

Your generosity is sure to delight and bless children around the world!  Thank you, church.  We are excited to see how many children we can reach through our Christmas Shoebox ministry!  Questions?  Please ask Ed or Marci Shubert.

Suggested Gifts:

  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hats

The best thing I got in my shoebox was the hat, gloves, and scarf.  I’ve worn them for a long time and like them very much.

– Maria, Moldova