February 2018: Accessories


We’re off to a good start!  Thank you for your January contributions.  Let’s collect accessories for the month of February.  If we start purchasing items for the boxes now, by November we will have many nice Christmas boxes.  If you feel led, you may want to start contributing to the shipping costs for the shoesboxes now.  Each shoebox costs $9.00 to send.  Than you for your kind hearts!  Questions?  Ask Ed or Marci Shubert.

I was always late because I lacked a watch.  Opening my shoebox gift, I found one.  Now I am always on time for school.

-Niyonkuru, Burundi

I am so happy!  I cannot believe that someone from a different country would send me a gift of exactly what I like:  rings and hair bows.  I will keep going to church.

-Vanessa, Colombia