January 2020: Bars of Soap


Happy New Year!  We sent 505 shoeboxes to children last December filled with gifts and the Good News of Jesus Christ!  THANK YOU to everyone who participated in any way.

This year we’re going to try a different approach.  Our goal is going to be 506 shoeboxes.  Each month let’s try to bring 506 of a certain item.  For January it will be bars of soap.  Dollar Tree sells Jergens and Dial in a 3-pack for a dollar.  These are the most inexpensive we have seen.

Also, if we divide the shipping cost into monthly increments, the amount would be $414.00 per month.  Just trying to not ask for such a large amount all at once at the end of the year.

Thanks again!

Ed and Marci Shubert

January Goals

506 Bars of Soap