“Full Circle” Bible Study

"The Cause Circle" Prayer - Care - Share

On Wednesday nights, from October 26th – November 30th, youth in grades 6th – 12th are invited to come participate in the study, “Full Circle”!

Throughout His ministry, Jesus lived out a continuous pattern of Prayer – Care – Share in His interactions with others.  He often went off to spend time alone in prayer.  His care for those he encountered–helping and healing their physical, emotional, and relational needs–fills the Gospels.  His prayer and care for people laid a foundation for Him to more effectively share His message.  Dare 2 Share refers to this Prayer – Care – Share approach as THE Cause Circle.

During this study we will be using Luke 5:15-26 to look at Jesus’s Prayer – Care – Share approach to ministry and how we incorporate this into our own lives.

If you’re interested in participating, see Daniel or Stacey, or show up on Wednesday nights at 6PM!