Baby Bottle Project – 2019

From Mother’s Day until Father’s Day our church will be participating in Kansans For Life’s Baby Bottle Project.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Take home one of the provided bottles on Mother’s Day to begin filling with coins, dollar bills, and checks.
  2. PRAY for the babies and families in Kansas.  A suggested prayer will be provided each week!
  3. Return the bottle and collected money to church on Father’s Day.
  4. The money will be sent to support Kansans For Life’s pro-life educational projects.  This year’s special project is pro-life digital advertising which will be targeted at people who have been searching the internet for information about pregnancy or abortion.

Week 1

We pray for mothers.

Week 2

We pray for fathers.

Week 3

We pray for our family.

Week 4

We pray for the elderly.

Week 5

We pray for parents who feel unprepared.

Week 6

We pray for families in America.