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Who’s Listening?


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In Who’s Listening? Jerry Johnston sounds a clarion call to galvanize the parents of teenagers to try to understand the world that kids of the ’90s live in (a very different society from that of previous decades). Johnston implores parents and nurturing adults to listen to the cries for help from what could become a lost generation.
Believing firmly that parents must make this effort if their sons and daughters are to survive in today’s world, Johnston buttresses his arguments with excerpts from some of the thousands of letters he has received from troubled teenagers who have heard him speak in their school assemblies. (Often heart-wrenching letters like the one that said, “I want to kill myself because no one in my family wants me around and school is not going well for me and no one at school likes me. I’m so confused. Please help me!”)
Who’s Listening? is a reader-friendly, practical book – a catalyst that outlines the steps that parents can take to help their son or daughter (or the kid next door) to cope with the pressures and temptations of the 1990s’ youth subculture.

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