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Three novels in one book: For the Love of Books, The Thing About Beauty, and No One But You

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Love overcomes a mountain of doubt in three contemporary Wyoming novels in one book:


For the Love of Books

Callie is falling for a handsome stranger. Callie Brandt loves books and thinks she’s destined to be her town’s next spinster librarian. But a gorgeous newcomer––who inexplicably finds her attractive––is hiding a secret, and Callie aims to find it out. Lane Hutchins has been living a double life for years, and nothing bad has ever come of it. Until now. In tiny Ft. Lob, Wyoming, he unexpectedly falls in love with Callie Brandt. But how can he marry this sweet Christian girl unless he’s willing to come clean with the truth? Can Callie help Lane let go of his bitterness and rediscover his faith in God?


The Thing About Beauty

Tonya Brandt wants to marry a man who will complement her own beauty. But she’s dated every good-looking guy in town without finding someone who loves her for her mind and talents.
Murray Twichell knows his chances with Tonya are not good, but he can’t get her out of his mind. Although her self-absorption drives him crazy and she doesn’t give him the time of day, something about her keeps drawing him back. If only he could get to know the real Tonya without her discovering who he is.
When a secret admirer begins sending Tonya gifts and letters, she is excited. But who is this mystery man? She loves his personality on paper, but what does he look like? When Tonya finally discovers her secret admirer’s identity, will she reject him? Or will she learn that true beauty is more than skin deep?


No One But You

God’s plans are worth waiting for….at least that’s what Cheyenne Wilkins has been telling herself. But since her grandmother died, time is running out! If only Grandmother didn’t have those stipulations in her will, Cheyenne could wait for the man of her dreams.
When a new man enters Cheyenne’s life, she thinks he’s the answer to her prayers. But if he’s really the one she should marry, why does Derek Brandt still make her heart race? Will Cheyenne discover God’s will in time?

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Publication Date

2009, 2010, 2011


Barbour Publishing Inc.


Donna Reimel Robinson