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Travail and Triumph


The Russians series, book 3.

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All around them, the Russia they have known is crumbling. Can faith in God bring triumph out of their tragedy?

The noble house of Fedorcenko has much to rejoice in: the marriage of Princess Katrina, the anticipation of a new baby, the return of Prince Sergi.

But life does not end as a fairy tale. Even as they celebrate, rebel forces are at work to overthrow the Tsar – and the house of Fedorcenko as well.

In this compelling sequel to A House Divided, Michael Phillips and Judith Pella continue the saga of two families – the aristocratic family of Fedorcenko and the humble peasants from Katyk, the Burenins.

From the frozen wasteland of Siberia to the tumult of St. Petersburg, Phillips and Pella weave a story that demonstrates how God’s sovereignty extends over all human experience.

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Bethany House Publishers


The Russians


Judith Pella, Michael Phillips


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