To Have and to Hold


Escape to the charming town of Copper Mill, Tennessee. Nestled in the foothills of the Great  Smoky Mountains, Copper Mill is a place of tradition and tranquility. But when Kate Hanlon and her husband Paul move in, they discover that small-town life is anything but boring. The mysteries Kate uncovers are puzzling, but she always uses her quick mind and the help of her dear friends to figure out the answers. See how faith can solve life’s mysteries in Mystery and the Minister’s Wife.

Book 17

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For richer or poorer…

Kate and Paul have no clue what they have committed to when they agree to provide premarital counseling for a wealthy young Cooper Mill woman and her fiance. Jessica Mackenzie and Trace Jackson are deeply in love and have plans to pay cash for a modest house with Jessica’s trust fund. But when Jessica’s check bounces and her trust fund is nearly emptied, the couple’s dream of buying a home are crushed. Jessica asks Kate to help her solve the mystery, and in no time Kate realizes the money was stolen. Worse, Kate is sure the crime was committed by someone who knows Jessica…and knows her well. Suddenly those closest to Jessica—her stepmother, her cousin, and even her fiance—become suspects, and everyone’s faith is shaken. Jessica’s benevolent father doubts Trace, and encourages his daughter to call off the wedding. Tensions run high, and fingers point in every direction, and Kate hardly knows how to investigate the missing money without worsening the family’s crisis. Relying on constant prayer and her knack for character judgment, Kate sets out to solve the mystery before the wedding is canceled and the family is torn apart.

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Mystery and the Minister's Wife


Sunni Jeffers