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Sewing up loose threads is her specialty …

Meet Sarah Hart, and expert in vintage quilt restoration who has a knack for piecing together mysteries. Whether she’s creating a Log Cabin quilt or delving into a real log cabin to find a clue, her keen eye and gentle faith always lead her in the right direction. Sarah understands that the key to making an intricate quilt – or solving an intricate mystery – is knowing how to put it all together.

Patchwork Mysteries, book 2

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When Sarah decides to make a quilt depicting her favorite view from Mount Greylock, she hikes to the area, bringing her granddaughters, a sketchbook, and a camera. The girls videotape each other goofing off at the top of the hill, and later, Sarah notices something odd in their footage: a man, barely visible through the bushes, struggling with something on the ground. Who is he? What was he doing there?

Sarah returns to the spot and finds an old cellar. Inside, she finds stolen items from a rash of recent burglaries in the area and unearths a half-buried old daguerreotype of a young couple. Who are they and how are they connected to the robberies? As Sarah searches for the answers, she notices a startling pattern that leads to a secret that will surprise everyone in Maple Hill.

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Patchwork Mysteries


Jo Ann Brown