Thunder on the Los Gatos


West Texas Sunrise series, book 4

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In 1880s Texas, the spirited Lee Morgan is on the verge of developing the finest ranch horses the West has ever seen. When her prized mares are nearly destroyed by a band of wild, trigger-happy cowhands, Lee is infuriated and ready to spring into action to protect her horse farm. Her longtime friend, Marshall Ben Flood, is quick to come to her aid, but tensions are rising all around. The fallen bridge over the Dos Gatos River blocks the cattle trail, and it could be months before the massive herds can be moved on to market.

Meanwhile, the wranglers are growing more restless by the minute, and it’s only a matter of time before more chaos breaks out. When the marshal orders a surly ramrod to move his herd, the strategy backfires. The riled trail boss isn’t leaving without a fight, and soon the entire community is on the brink of an all-out range war. In a thrilling twist, Lee and Ben race against the clock to avert the calamity about to descend on the town.

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Fleming H. Revell


West Texas Sunrise


Paul Bagdon