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These Golden Days


The Innocent Years series, book 2.

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A senseless tragedy shook their lives and threatened their futures, but the glitter and glamor of Hollywood promised Jessie a way of escape.
Austin Youngblood, known as a renegade who pushed everything to the limits, had a touch of wildness that both attracted and alarmed Jessie Temple. Then in the still darkness of a foggy Christmas Eve night, their world is suddenly torn apart by catastrophe and filled with remorse.
As the oldest of Catherine and Lane Temple’s children, Jessie’s struggle for independence is only accelerated by the accident. When she wins the chance to travel to Hollywood and audition as a singer for a USO tour, memories of family, friends, and the painful past are quickly pushed to the background in the glitter and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle. Enthralled with the world of movie stars and handsome men, Jessie is unaware of the dangers surrounding her and of the growing emptiness inside.
Pride in her daughter Jessie along with concern compounds Catherine Temple’s challenge of being a ‘widow’ of war for a second time. Despite his age and family, Lane Temple is called back to active duty in the marines at the start of the Korean War. A veteran leader from WW II, Lane once again puts his life on the line as he gives himself to the men in his command.

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Bethany House Publishers


The Innocent Years


Robert Funderburk