The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


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The Great Classics for Children
These wonderful hardcover books bring classic stories to younger readers. The books have been carefully condensed and adapted from the original works to maintain the flavor and well-known phrases of the books while also making them a bit easier to read for a younger audience. Each one features fairly long chapters, but with large (generally page-sized) black and white illustrations on each spread as well as a large font size. The books also include an introduction to the characters in the book as well as an informative page about the author at the end of the book. Perfect for young readers or for reading aloud, these will captivate and entertain children before they’re ready for the original works.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is more than a story. It is a door to the world of wonder and magic. It is a new set of childhood friends.

It is a far-away place where wishes are granted and dreams become real – yet where the heart still yearns for home.

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Bendon Publishing


Great Classics for Children


L. Frank Baum