The Witnesses


Lancaster Burning series, book 3.

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The Witnesses is the third novel in Amish novelist, Linda Byler’s current series, Lancaster Burning. Byler takes readers inside the home of the leader of the local Amish community, Davey Beiler, who finds himself at the center of mounting fear and controversy. Fires have destroyed two more nearby Amish barns, and many of the farmers are ready to ask for police protection, an unheard of action. Beiler counsels against this, but then his beloved daughter, Sarah, is caught in the flames and severely injured. The Witnesses is a tautly told story, full of dark fears, difficult dilemmas, and deep love.

Who is responsible for setting the barn fires that continue to keep the Amish of eastern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, on edge?

Who is responsible for seeing that they are stopped?

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