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The Widow of Larkspur Inn


Book 1 of the Gresham Chronicles. Set in the 1800’s England.

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Her husband was gone. Along with the family fortune. And she had nowhere else to turn.

Follow the dreams and determination of widow Julia Hollis as she leaves the comforts of London to make a new home for her three children in the quaint dairy village of Gresham. Her challenge is to turn an abandoned coaching inn into a lodging house for affluent people wishing to escape city life. Raised in wealth and privilege, with no experience at managing even her own household, Julia learns to depend on God for the daily challenges of her new undertaking and receives unexpected blessings and a hope for love along the way.

You’ll be intrigued and amused as Julia adjusts to village life and meets her unique neighbors, lodgers, and friends. The village busybodies, the woman veterinary, and the local bullies are just a few of the delightful characters you will come to know and love. Andrew Phelps, Gresham’s new vicar and widowed father of two daughters, will capture your heart with his wonderful sense of humor and his secret admiration of Julia.

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Bethany House Publishers


The Gresham Chronicles


Lawana Blackwell