The Reluctant Prophet


Two bestselling books by T. Davis Bunn are captured in this one absorbing volume: The Reluctant Prophet includes both The Warning and The Ultimatum.

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Buddy Korda’s story as a mild-mannered, small-town banker obeying God’s call to prophesy is captured in this one volume of “The Reluctant Prophet.”

The Warning” starts off with the recurring nightmare which turns into an incredible message from God. Buddy’s prediction that America is heading toward economic collapse puts his job, family, and his life into jeopardy. What if he risks it all and no one believes him?

The Ultimatum” picks up eighteen months later. Through the gloom and doom Buddy calls the nation to repentance. The Holy Spirit leads him to Washington D.C. where he coordinates a movement to bring America face-to-face with its heritage despite the efforts of the Washington power brokers.

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