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The Promise and Pain of Loneliness


The Bible and Personal Crisis series, book 1.

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The Promise and Pain of Loneliness deals with the negative and positive elements of loneliness. The author makes clear his intention for this book in chapter 1.

“Several elements of the experience of loneliness are clear. First, loneliness involves the inner perceptions, reactions, and emotions which have negative meanings. Second, loneliness involves a separation from loved ones or a perceived lack of relationships. Third, loneliness is an experience which is shared by all persons.

“These faces will be more fully and carefully examined in this book. My intention is to help those who are lonely decrease their fear and isolation. I also hope that the coping strategies will enable you who are lonely to more effectively transform loneliness into community and solitude. My prayer is that those who are lonely and those who care for them will be strengthened through reading this book.”

The authority of the Bible and the psychological understanding of the human personality will be brought together to understand loneliness. You will find help to deal with loneliness. You will be shown how to turn its pain into the promise of community.

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The Bible and Personal Crisis


Steven S. Ivy