The Next Roundup


Fortunes of the Black Hills series, book 6

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“I’m twenty-four years old. I’m not supposed to have crow’s feet yet. And I’m not supposed to hurt this much. And I’m not supposed to rope tree trunks. But then I’m not supposed to have fifteen hundred head of whit-face herefords, either, so it goes with the job, I reckon.”

The story of the Fortune family sees a new beginning with the grandchildren of Brazos Fortune, especially his grandson Frank, and their place of prominence and disgrace in the Black Hills of 1875-1905. As the weight of all the Fortune family tradition, history, and faith bears down upon them, some of them bear the legacy well and some fail miserably. Some trust in God faithfully and others will wander down the wilder and wider paths.

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Broadman and Holman


Fortunes of the Black Hills


Stephen Bly


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