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The Music Box


T. Davis Bunn has inspired thousands of readers with his charming little gift books, The Quilt and The Gift. In The Music Box, a young girl, who has lost her mother to illness, is befriended by a music teacher who is coming to terms with her own personal tragedies

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Angie Picard has returned to her home in the hill country with a passion for teaching. But Angie has also come home as a young widow whose sorrow runs deep. Melissa Nealey moves to the hill town after the death of her mother, and in the lonely girl’s face Angie recognizes a mirror image of her own haunting mask. Angie’s attempt to intervene in Melissa s life draws her into conflict with the girl’s father. But the key to their happiness lies with the secret hidden within Melissa’s most precious gift from her mother, a lovely little music box.

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T. Davis Bunn