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The Last Photograph: A Story of Brothers


Two brothers at war with themselves and each other come of age in the Vietnam era. One becomes a soldier, the other a conscientious objector. After the war a mysterious whisper leads them past impossible odds to become brothers the way brothers were meant to be. A triumphant story based on the author’s life. “He rode into view, filling the eyepiece from Stetson to chaps; a bearded, long haired, outlaw of a man. Eyes narrowed, he fixed me in his gaze from beneath his weathered hat brim. He looked the part he played in life: a philosophical poet cowboy and Vietnam vet, who loved to sit under the stars with a shot of Jack Daniel’s, listening to coyotes howl, talking of Indian legend, archaeology, and the origin of the species; and on rare occasions among family and friends, expounding his troubled understanding of God. ‘Click,’ went the shutter.’ Well done,’ whispered the voice.”

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Gordon is a wilderness outfitter and a hard-nosed agnostic. Stephen is younger, physically weaker, and an avowed believer. Competition and jealousy have always kept the brothers apart. But during a hunting trip, Stephen attempts to quell the competitive urge and tries to get to know Gordon better, in part by photographing him. This novel is based on the author’s own family story.

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Stephen Bransford