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The Innocent Libertine


Heirs of Acadia series, book 2. Set in the 1800’s, both in England and America.

(Book 1 seems to be lost. If you want book 1, let us know, and we’ll see if we can obtain another copy of it.)

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Davis and his wife, Isabella, are continuing the historical saga of a pivotal time in America’s past with descendants of those courageous Acadians. In The Innocent Libertine, the impulsive young American Abigail Aldridge becomes increasingly outraged by the chasm between her Christian ideals and the plight of the poor. A well-intentioned social outreach puts her right in the middle of disaster, which turns into a scandal, and soon she is on a ship headed back to America. The broad expanse of the American landscape and an encounter with a brilliant young scholar opens Abbie’s heart to a new understanding of her divine destiny.


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Bethany House Publishers


Heirs of Acadia


Isabella Bunn, T. Davis Bunn