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The Gift of Honor


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Giving the gift of honor–making a conscious, daily decision to respect and hold a special place in our hearts and lives for our children, parents, and others–builds high value into our relationships and in those we cherish. Gary Smalley and John Trent, through years of counseling those whose problems stem from devaluing parental actions, have found that the decision to honor our children will make them feel valued, loved, and accepted. In their seven aspects of honor, Smalley and Trent will give you tangible ways to demonstrate the worth of a child and to put your feelings of love into action: 1) offering honor to your own parents, 2) helping your child find value in troubled times, 3) recognizing your parenting strengths and style, 4) providing a healthy balance between belonging and separateness in the home, 5) establishing loving boundaries, 6) building positive family loyalties, and 7) offering honor to God. This important gift will not deteriorate with time but will continue to build up and bless your children and their children.

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Gary Smalley, John Trent