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The Ends of the Earth


The year is A.D. 338. The Roman Empire, recently Christianized by the emperor Constantine, encircles the Mediterranean Sea from the Gates of Hercules to the destroyed city of Jerusalem. Her outposts thrive in Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa. But there are gaps in the empire’s armor, dark spaces filled with terror and chaos. There corruption reigns, and power belongs to the cunning and the ruthless.

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To the Ends of the Earth opens just after the death of the emperor Constantine. Danger snares the empire’s outer reaches in a festering grip as various factions struggle for control. The rising tide of lawlessness comes to Africa and threatens the lives of Travis and his father, Cletus, who manages a Roman consul’s estate. Travis sets sail for the glittering new capital, Constantinople, where he must find his vanished brothers, and uncover the Byzantine plot against his life and home.

Entwined with Travis’ fate is the beautiful Lydia, who faces her own challenges in Constantinople. Each represents to the other an alien way of life and belief. Their love is forbidden, impossible, but cannot be denied…

This vivid novel has the feel of a traveler’s tale, told by one who has smelled the salt and dust and blood, tasted the wine, heard the ring of swords and creaking of oars. The author draws the willing reader into a time of crumbling empire, of enormous spiritual upheaval, and limitless possibility–an ancient time, yet one that speaks to us across the centuries with eternal human problems of love, faith, and courage.

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Thomas Nelson


T. Davis Bunn