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The Enchanted Prairie


A Heart for the Prairie series, book 1.

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Young Barbara Temple is ambivalent about her move from genteel Atlanta to the raw Kansas prairie. With the onset of the Civil War and her family now dead, she is forced to make the best of the situation by living with her homesteading relatives who gladly open their cabin home to her.

“But only until the war is over…”

Barbara dreams about returning to Atlanta as soon as the war ends to marry her sweetheart who is serving in the Confederate Army. But God has other plans for this vivacious southern belle whose spiritual growth matures on the rugged 1860s prairie that becomes her destiny.

The contrast of plantation life to pioneer life is filled with authentic details from magnolias and the slave issue to the butter crocks and Indians. Readers will follow a young woman’s spiritual journey filled with conflict, love and romance.

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A Heart for the Prairie


Esther Loewen Vogt