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The Amplified New Testament


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The New Testament was originally written in the most exact language man has possessed, ancient Greek, with its amazing ability to preserve even the secret intent behind the words. For centuries, the fulness of the New Testament message has remained hidden in this older tongue, challenging scholars and researchers to produce a translation that would unveil the wealth and mystery. Numerous attempts have been made to bring a complete revelation in modern language, but as always, the corresponding English words simply were not available. In June of 1958, The Amplified New Testament was released by Zondervan. This startling work employs an amplifying device built into the text which permits readers to behold the New Testament truths expanded to encapsulate the original meaning. Not only are the different shades of meaning presented, but page after page takes the average reader to Scriptural treasures seldom seen by the layman. 12,000 hours of scholarly research of an editorial board of nationally known churchmen, have brought this authentic and unbiased volume entirely free of denominational prejudice to the Christian world.

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