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Strangers and Pilgrims


Homestead series, book 1.

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Matthew Bowers firmly believes “Every adversity has value if one searches for it.”

The Bowers family knows a lot about adversity. Matthew’s imaginative plans have kept them moving from place to place–sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Now they’re ready to settle in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. There’s just one problem . . . Actually, there are several. Their new homestead is definitely not what they were told–and it doesn’t seem to be completely theirs either!

But nobody in town is surprised to learn that the Bowerses are determined to stick it out. They’ve met this family and are still talkin’. About Matthew’s inventive ideas. About his diminutive wife Lissa’s ability to control–well, almost control–two of the wildest horses in the area. And about their beautiful and smart 17-year-old daughter Jolie. But mostly they’re talkin’ about how this family of warmth, faith, and hospitality doesn’t hesitate to defy convention. And just how fortunate the town will be if the Bowerses can overcome the constant challenges before them and turn this land of strangers into a land of friends.

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Stephen Bly