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Stephen the Martyr


A dramatic novel about the life (and death) of Stephen, and it’s effects on Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul).

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A blinding flash, an unmistakable summons.

In one transforming moment, a young man raised in wealth and privilege encounters Christ. In that instant, he must choose between a leisurely life of luxury, or eternal life and a certain, untimely death. In choosing, Stephen brings upon himself the unmitigated wrath of an old family friend–Saul of Tarsus–and sets off the greatest persecution Christianity has ever known.

Stephen the Martyr captures with fascinating detail the “silent history” of a young man whose death set off the convulsive and redemptive transformation of the Apostle Paul. Follow the faith journey of young Johanan (Stephen) and his family as they come to recognize their Messiah–at a time when those who professed faith in Jesus did so at their own peril. A highly dramatic and intimate portrayal of men and women who witnessed firsthand the life and death of Christ.

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Roger Elwood