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Shadow of Legends


Fortunes of the Black Hills series, book 2

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In this second book in the Fortunes of the Black Hills family saga series, Brazos Fortune has left a towering legacy. He’s a western legend. His son Todd now struggles to prove himself and find his own identity in the Shadow of Legends.

Todd Fortune must follow his father as he takes over the family business. He’s partnered with his wife, a fast-paced city girl who’s not willing to settle into a Deadwood, South Dakota Territory small town lifestyle. A tale of daily hardships and hard-earned victories, Todd struggles to prove himself a committed husband and a courageous frontiersman. All of this in the wake of his father’s shadow. Cross-country chases, deadly showdowns, and budding romances weave the story of this second powerful novel in the Black Hills family saga novel series.

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Broadman and Holman


Fortunes of the Black Hills


Stephen Bly