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Riders of the Pale Horse


“For more than one hundred years the West has failed to understand Islam” (U.S. State Department Official, 1992). This quote from the original edition of Riders of the Pale Horse introduces the story of two young Americans, a foreign-service officer and a mission volunteer who cross paths near the Afghanistan border on very different assignments and yet with a common goal: to stop nuclear materials from falling into terrorists’ hands. High-stakes political and spiritual conflict keep readers on the edge of their seat in this suspenseful story.

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They had heard rumors of a dangerous international smuggling operation…

A foreign service officer is dispatched to the Jordanian desert to monitor illegal trans-shipments from the former Soviet Union.

A missionary delivering medical supplies in the Caucasus Mountains gets diverted through the war-torn border zone.

The two are brought together in the Red Sea port of Aqaba–in the midst of a deadly high-stakes political and spiritual conflict.

…now they are embroiled in an ominous conspiracy that threatens to transform militant Islamic regimes into nuclear powers!


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Bethany House Publishers


T. Davis Bunn


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