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Reason and Riots


Homestead series, book 3.

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When a boy is killed by a breakaway rail car, Jolie Bowers’ compulsion to control is stretched to the limit.

In the midst of teaching school, preparing for her wedding, and dealing with the violent reaction to the railroad accident, Jolie finds herself facing trouble from all sides. Her family’s homestead and the first house they’ve ever owned are threatened. The love lives of two of the younger members of the family arouse high emotions and crazy schemes. The greatest challenge the family has ever faced comes when one of their own is seriously injured. For the first time, Jolie struggles with not being able to take care of everything and everyone.

Some would be depressed and crushed, but for Jolie it is a test of endurance and faith. And for the first time in her life, she doesn’t know how things will end.

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Stephen Bly